Cheryl Cuttineau arrived in the world with a deep love for animals. She would bring home stray animals from the neighborhood to locate their owners and even picked up snails from the sidewalk to relocate to a safer, more accommodating place. With an early desire to become a veterinarian, she would help injured animals until they were healed, or provide a proper burial.

As an adult she become involved in animal rescue and discovered fundraising and grant writing as ways to support rescue organizations and other pet charities.

Her interest in the healing arts led her to training with well-known animal psychic Fred Kimball and animal communicator Penelope Smith. She has also received energy healing training in Therapeutic Touch, Tellington-Touch, and Reiki.

After retiring from 14 years in public education, Life took Cheryl on an unexpected and dramatic detour which forced her to challenge everything she had previously understood about living. At the other end of the tunnel, Cheryl emerged with a new compassion for the vulnerable beings in our society who are frail, defenseless or do not have a voice.  She renewed her commitment to animal welfare and raising public consciousness about animal cruelty and the need to eliminate the practice of euthanizing thousands of innocent animals–mostly kittens–due to a lack of space at local shelters.

Always looking for more ways to be of service to animals and the human guardians who love them, Cheryl studied with Dr. William Sife, an internationally recognized-expert on grief counseling for pet owners. She received certification as a Counselor for Pet Loss and Bereavement in 2015. Her practice has recently expanded to include counseling for palliative and hospice care for pets.