In a world of mediocrity, I have to shout it from the rooftops when I actually find a product that does what it promises to do!

These are all products I have personally used or administered. A few of these items are “affiliates,” meaning, I receive a small compensation to support this website whenever any of you purchase a product through the link on this page. This in no way diminishes the value of these products which I would brag about anyway.

Purrfect Post cat scratching post was designed by a veterinarian to satisfy a cat’s natural desire to s-t-r-e-t-c-h- his or her spine to its fullest. Tall and securely built, it will not topple over or fall apart like the cheap scratching posts found in pet stores. Purrfect Post is one of the best investments you can make for the health of your cat and your furniture!


Newton Homeopathics Liver Detox

Add a few drops to water bowl each day.

“I have used detox on many cats and dogs over 17 years and should have reviewed this item long ago! Truly a lifesaver, detox has helped me with many ill animals. Even when unsure of the etiology of an illness, especially in semi-feral cats, giving this as the only cure has brought countless animals out of the shadow of death. Introduced to me by a wonderful vet, detox, along with a change in diet has prolonged the life of our dear Turkish Angora who at the age of 2 years was in liver failure. He is now almost 20 years old and is in great shape. We detox him regularly and he continues to astound us with his vigor. Thank you so very much.”
– Barbara Lee, TX
 Disclaimer ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS check with your pet’s veterinarian FIRST before using!


Pronova Fish Oil: A superb product from Scotland guaranteed free of heavy metals like mercury and radiation. Great for cats of all ages, but especially for aging kitties. Good for people, too!


Salad Master

If you are cooking with anything other than 316Ti Surgical grade stainless steel, toxic hard metals are being leached into your food and directly into your body. What kinds of poisons are being released by YOUR cookware? Check it out:

Salad Master is the absolute best cooking ware on the market. It comes with a lifetime warranty and represents a considerable investment, but compared to the costs of disease, prescription drugs and loss of mobility or life, it is a small price to pay. Orange County Distributors James and Jael Tanti provide classes and education about an entirely different but healthy way to cook and are devoted to your health and mine—and your pets’, too!


Like Cesar Milan? You will absolutely LOVE

Dog Karma Dog Training

“Taught in a state-of-the art indoor training facility featuring climate controlled spacious rooms, the grounds are kept immaculate as they are parvo and distemper disinfected before each class. This allows maximum safety and comfort for your new puppy!”


Interested in learning about marine biology and conservation? American Cetacean Society of Orange County offers classes and boat trips.


Beloved Books

A Snowflake in My Hand by Samantha Mooney

Communication with All Life and Energy Healing for Animals by Joan Ranquet, Animal Communicator and Founder of Communication with All Life University

Behaving As If the God in All Life Mattered by Machaelle Small Wright

Blessing the Bridge: What Animals Teach Us About Death, Dying and Beyond by Rita Reynolds

These, Too, Shall Be Loved by Rev. Flower A. Newhouse

The Findhorn Garden by The Findhorn Community

Communication With All Life University. Founded by internationally known Animal Communicator and Healer, Joan Ranquet, CWALU offers classes on animal communication, medical intuition, energy healing, EFT, and scalar wave. Workshops are held annually at Joan’s farm in Santa Clarita, and most classes are conducted by Joan herself by teleconference. Joan is a popular speaker and teaches classes all over the country. She is the author of two books, Communication with All Life published by Hay House and her latest book, Energy Healing for Animals: A Hands-On Guide for Enhancing the Health, Longevity & Happiness of your Pets, was published by Sounds True. For more information about classes or personal sessions, visit