The first time I ever heard about “energy healing” was in 1975. My mother had recently died after fighting terminal breast and bone cancer for 8 years. I was channel surfing on the little black & white t.v. I had in my studio apartment in West LA when I came upon an interview on a cable show named, “Psychic Phenomenon: the World and Beyond.” The interview was hosted by Damien Simpson, one of the most brilliant orators I have ever seen, and his guest was Dr. O. Carl Simonton, a previously traditional oncologist-turned-wholistic-doctor from Austin, Texas. They were discussing the “energy” body that lies outside our physical body and how “dis-ease” or imbalance occurs when there is a break in the body-mind-spirit connection, and disease or illness first appears not in the physical body like we usually think but in the “auric field” that surrounds the physical body.

I had never heard of these things before, even though I was a pre-med student at UCLA, and my curiosity was kindled forever. This was the beginning of a path that would lead me into realms of understanding that were highly unorthodox and considered “quackish” at that time, but are now accepted as “alternative” or “complementary” healing practices.

What is Meant by “Energy Healing?”

Without getting too technical, think of energy as an invisible sea that is everywhere present: in us, around us, through us. Physics tells us energy can never be destroyed, it can only be transformed. So there’s no beginning and no end. And the most amazing thing is that WE—you and I—are energy vessels. When we die, it is only the physical body that is left behind. The energy is transformed and becomes something else.

We each have an energy “field” also called an aura. That energy field is always changing, depending on our moods and thoughts and physical actions. The neat thing is that we can influence our energy field by changing its vibration and frequency through our moods, thoughts and actions. Dr. Simonton achieved an 87% cure rate among terminally-ill cancer patients by teaching them to change their thoughts and emotions through visualization techniques.

Energy Healing for Animals

Several energy healing modalities and techniques have been developed over the years: Aura Clearing, Therapeutic Touch, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique); and some methods are ancient, such as Acupressure and Reiki. It didn’t take too long before people figured out that these techniques could be applied to animals, too.

Reiki for Animals

Reiki comes to us from Japan and is a non-invasive way of offering healing energy to another being. This is a highly ritualized technique that sets aside the practitioner’s ego and allows the innate wisdom of the energy to go where it needs to go, NOT where an individual decides to send it. Kathleen Prasad, a Reiki practitioner, saw the need for animals in shelters. She founded an international organization, SARA, or Shelter Animals Reiki Association, whose members go into animal shelters, rescue organizations and zoos and offer reiki to animals who are distressed. The results are nothing more than miraculous, and many shelter dogs and cats have found forever homes because Reiki was able to change the energy around undesirable behaviors. To learn more, go to

EFT for Animals

Another pioneer in energy healing for animals is Joan Ranquet, internationally renowned Animal Communicator and Energy Healer.  EFT or “tapping” was developed in the early 1990s and has become a proven method to treat addictive behaviors such as smoking, drug abuse and alcoholism. It was originally developed to treat emotional trauma. It works in conjunction with the energy meridians identified by ancient Chinese medics and breaks up the neural pathways associated with emotional trauma. Joan Ranquet teaches classes in EFT for animals and uses tapping on her own horses, dogs and cats. For more information, go to

Bioscalar Wave

I believe bioscalar or scalar energy is the foundation behind all energy healing.

Bioscalar waves were first identified by other-worldly engineer and inventor Nikola Tesla and are referred to as Tesla waves. Einstein also recognized the existence of these electromagnet waves, but it wasn’t until the 1980s and 1990s that other researchers began to realize the incredible healing potential promised by scalar waves. Dr. Valerie Hunt, a professor at UCLA, was offered the opportunity to research energy fields and “auras.” A traditionalist, Dr. Hunt took on the project with the intent to debunk the existence of any such phenomenon. To her surprise, she became so convinced of the existence that she took a sabbatical from UCLA and traveled the world to study shamans, psychic surgeons and healers. At the time of her death in 2014 at age 97, Dr. Hunt had established enough clinical evidence to support the healing uses of bioscalar energy waves that she had amassed enough financial interest to begin the building of a $2 million research lab. Following her death, no further research was developed.

Joan Ranquet, mentioned above, trained with Dr. Hunt and was again a pioneer in applying bioscalar wave energy techniques to animals. Joan continues Dr. Hunt’s legacy by teaching classes in this area. For more information, go to http://www.joanranquet.commore. Joan has also written an outstanding book based on more than 25 years’ experience in animal communication and healing. I shamelessly recommend Energy Healing for Animals by Joan Ranquet.

An outstanding excerpt from Dr. Hunt’s book that goes into specifics about scalar waves and how they are used to heal many forms of disease and injury is found at