In-Home Euthanasia: Dr. Silvia Grossi-Stone

Justin, Fire Survivor

Justin is my hero. He was born the same time as my 3 foster kitties in April 2013. He suffered one of the most horrendous instances of cruelty and abuse imaginable and was left to die in the street. Being an Aries and the courageous black&white kitty with an indomitable will to live that he is, after months of medical treatment and surgeries, he was adopted by his foster person who saw past the disfigurement and saw Justin’s destiny. Today he is a celebrity. Justin has appeared on television, made public appearances and received several awards. He raises thousands of dollars to pay medical expenses of other kitties in need.

There are SO MANY worthy animal charities too numerous to mention. If you are able to support a local rescue organization in your community, I encourage you to do so. The economy these past years has been horribly unkind to animal charities. Below are some of my long-time favorites for whom I have volunteered, financially supported, or organized fund raisers and written grant proposals.

SOS!!!! BrightHaven  Since 1990 this holistic sanctuary and education center in Santa Rosa, CA has been rescuing senior and special needs animals, providing medical care and treatment until they are adopted or live out their life in peace. Recently, the patron who has been paying the mortgage is no longer able to do so, and the organization is in jeopardy of closing its doors. If you are able to help, please go to their crowdfunding campaign

The Golden Carrot Equine Rescue. Takes in abandoned or neglected, “older and manageably disabled” horses. Literally run on a shoestring, and the proprietor takes NO salary. Looking for a donation of 20 acres of land, and can always use more cash donations.

Room 8 Cat Memorial Foundation. Founded by Hettie Perry, the “Cat Lady of Pasadena”, Room 8 is a no-kill shelter that takes in homeless cats and kitties and cares for them until they are adopted. Run and managed by volunteers, no one takes a salary. They can always use more donations.

Animal Legal Defense Fund   Rated 4/4 by Charity Navigator

Animal Defenders International  Leading the way to free circus animals and other animals abused and mistreated by the tourism or entertainment industries.

Best Friends Animal Society. Has local pet adoption centers, No Kill LA in West Los Angeles and a Neo-Natal center for kittens in Mission Hills, north LA County.

PAWS/LA provides financial support to low-income seniors and the disabled in Los Angeles County who would not be able to keep their animal companions without assistance.

American Cetacean Society-Orange County

Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

Humane Society of the United States

American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals